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Exterior home cleaning before and after

Clean Pro Exteriors is property’s biggest advocate. We are honored to bring the best in exterior cleaning. We strive to deliver professional expertise that will protect the value of your property, improve its long-term quality, and strengthen your curb appeal.

Hear what others are saying about us:

“Highly recommend Clean Pro Exteriors. They did a great job on my house and fence this week. Their service was courteous and professional. I will use them again and have already told my neighbor about them.” Ben

“Fast, efficient, courteous service. Clean Pro has handled the exterior cleaning of our home for the past 3 years. Their pricing is clear, fair, and competitive. Their work is excellent, your property is respected and considered, and they treat customers as I believe they would want to be treated.” Heather

“Let’s see, how can I describe excellence? Clean Pro Exteriors pressure washed my house in Rocky Mount, NC; roof, cleared gutters, washed the wood siding, cleaned the vinyl rials, cleaned the patio deck and front porch, and even cleared the pine straw off the driveway. Oh, and all at a very comfortable and reasonable price.

My house was not looking good at all before because of the green algae that grows over spring-summer, but after Clean Pro Exteriors got the job done: behold a new house!!

I am super grateful for the service and I strongly recommend Clean Pro Exteriors’ service.

Know that I am a very happy customer.” Joy

“Professional, courteous, and did a great job!” Jen

Let us handle the cleaning of your home exterior, and give it the ‘new home’ look.

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Exterior Home Cleaning
Tarboro, NC
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