House Washing – High Pressure vs Soft Wash

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A normal commercial pressure washer will produce water pressure between 2500 – 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI). You can imagine what water pressure of this magnitude can do to vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding. To avoid the risks associated with high pressure, we have adopted this soft wash process so that we can offer our clients with the safest and most effective cleaning the industry has to offer. Let us serve you by maintaining you’re greatest investment with our soft wash process.

Reasons why we do not use high pressure to clean siding.

1. Pressure can create costly damages:

Over time vinyl and aluminum siding begins to oxidize. When you apply high pressure to it, it removes the oxidation and creates streaking all over the house. This is not uncommon. I have seen this problem many times. I am able to correct that problem but it creates a lot of unneeded expense for the home owner. It’s best to not allow this to happen.

2. Pressure does not completely remove mold, dirt or mildew.

Using high pressure is not a preferred method for removing mold or dirt by leading professionals. When pressure is applied to moldy siding, you will see the green mold begin to disappear. However, if you look closely you will see that there is still a very faint haze still left on the siding. That is because the pressure only removed the outer layer of mold, but it did not kill it. It’s the difference between cleaning your car with water and a sponge, as opposed to using soap and water. High pressure removes the outer layer, but it does kill the mold, which is what soft washing does. As a result, the mold grows back in a short amount of time.

The Method We Use: Soft Washing

In order to avoid the risk of damage and an ineffective cleaning, we used the preferred method of soft washing. First the house is sprayed down with our specially formulated house wash solution which immediately begins to gently lift dirt and eradicate mold and mildew. After the house cleaning solution has done its work, we then go back with a soft low pressure rinse to wash away all deposits. Since the mold dies and the dirt and mildew are completely removed, you’re left with a deeper, longer lasting clean than what is produced through high pressure cleaning.

Benefits to soft washing:

  1. It is safe for workers

Because our cleaning solution does the work of cleaning for us, there are no need for ladders. With this process we are able to reach up to three stories high right from the ground. This eliminates a lot of safety issues that could be presented by getting up on ladders with a high pressure hose.

2. Safe on Your Home or Business

Your house or business is most likely the greatest investment you have. The last thing you want to do is damage it, which will decrease its value and costs money to repair. A damaged exterior ruins the curb appeal and can lessen the market value of your property. So when maintaining the exterior of your home or business you want to avoid damage and also enhance beauty and that’s what you can expect from soft washing.

3. Soft washing is the most effective way to clean a house.

If you clean your car with only water, it will remove the loose dirt, but if you apply a cleaning solution to lift those heavy stains, your car will shine like new. It is the same principle. Rather than only attacking the outer layer of buildup, the cleaning solution we use completely eliminates dirt, mold and mildew and makes your siding shine like new.

4. Longer lasting clean.

Soft washing eradicates things like mold right at its root. As a result, it takes longer for it to grow back since it actually has to recreate itself on the cleaned surface.

Now That You Know:

When choosing a power washing professional, evaluate the methods that will be used to clean your home or business. Ask the hard questions and be sure you are using a company that is up front and are knowledgeable in their field.

Here at Clean Pro Exteriors we pride ourselves in offering our customers the best service possible. We don’t just clean, we Clean Professionally, and have researched countless hours to bring to you today’s most advanced cleaning techniques. We strive to give you the highest quality possible every single time we come out to clean your property, guaranteed.

Give us a call today if you are looking for a qualified pressure washing company. We look forward to serving you with our soft wash process of exterior cleaning.

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