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Soft Washing - Greenville NC

Are you buying a home this summer and wanting to make it shine? We can help make your new home look new.

In our humid climate, green mold is a common problem for vinyl siding. Moss and black algae also grow along brick foundations and porch steps.

Clean Pro Exteriors specialize is dealing with these infestations. Pressure washing only mitigates the surface problem, soft washing on the other hand uses cleaners to eradicate mold and algae growth. Providing you with a safer, more effective, and longer lasting clean.

We also have a perfect score when it comes to protecting your surrounding property. We ensure that your new purchase remains intact and looks beautiful. Our safe, biodegradable cleaners give you a flawless clean on the areas that need it most, while keeping your surrounding landscape intact.

Clean Pro Exteriors takes great pride in our work. We take the time to understand the unique needs of your property so we can provide the best quality service to protect the long-term value of your property.

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Soft Wash House Washing
Clean Pro Exteriors
Greenville, NC

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