Two Questions I Hear Most From Home Owners |

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1. Will your cleaning solution kill my flowers?

Since we’ve been in business we have heard this question by nearly every home owner we have helped, and for good reason. You will not believe the horror stories these home owners have when it comes to pressure washing companies destroying their plants that they have sweated over and sometimes bled over! Some have even gone all the way to the court room to have their bushes replaced.

Here at Clean Pro Exteriors you don’t have to worry about that. We have a perfect score when it comes to protecting your shrubbery. With our safe bio-degradable cleaners we are able to give you a flawless clean on the areas that need it most, while keeping your plants safe.

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2. Will the high pressure ruin my paint?

If you use high pressure, your paint doesn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, we use a safe low pressure method of cleaning referred to as soft wash. Yes, we can clean your painted fence, house, barn or brick without taking off the paint. In fact, when we’re done, your surface will look like it just got a fresh coat of paint!

Even with this information, unfortunately, we still get compared a lot of times with ‘the last guy that did it…” It’s true. But our experience has been that these questions aren’t fully put to rest till after we’re done and the home owner sees for themselves the results they get with our process.

So why wait? Give us a chance to show you what we can do! Give us a call and we’ll brighten up that paint job while keeping your plants safe!

Josh Brown, President

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