Stay Away From The ‘Fly-By-Night’ Pressure Washing Company! Go With Who You Know:

Would you give a bank with no credentials, no reputation, and no local office $150,000? Of course not! Then why give your home into the hands of just any pressure washing company?

This is a true story:

When I first started my business I went door to door searching for homes that needed a cleaning. I was going through a rather affluent neighborhood and walked up to a home that could use my service. The closer I got to the house the more I was aware that there was something terribly wrong with the vinyl. There were streaks all over it!

Streaks on Vinyl    Bad Pressure Washing Methods

When the homeowner came to the door and I explained my service, they went on to tell me the reasons for the streaks. Apparently the last guy that performed the pressure washing service ruined their vinyl through high pressure cleaning and improper methods. I asked, “Who was it that did it?” He said, “I think his name was Hector, or something like that? I’ve never seen him before and have never seen him again.” I asked, “Well is he going to fix it?” And the homeowner replied, “I can’t get a hold of him. I don’t know who he is or where he stays.”

So now this homeowners is stuck with a fairly new home that has been ruined because of the ‘fly-by-night’ company. There is something you can do to correct this problem but it’s an expensive service and it’s better to avoid it.

When choosing a pressure company you want to ask a few questions:

Can you show me your certificate of insurance?
Are you licensed?
Where is your business located?
Do you have local references?
Have you done local work I can see?

These are important questions that will only take a minute to ask, but it will save you. When giving your greatest investment over to someone that could potentially destroy it, it’s wise to make sure you’re giving it into the hands of the right person.

Avoid the trap that this family fell into and stay away from the ‘fly-by-night’ pressure washing company. Go with who you know!

Josh Brown
Clean Pro Exteriors | Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

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