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Your cedar roof should be a functional and decorative asset to your home. So it makes sense that you invest in its longevity. Clean Pro Exteriors delivers certified cedar roof cleaning to protect your roofing and bring a better aesthetic to your property.

We care about long-lasting quality results. This is why Clean Pro Exteriors exclusively uses a soft wash cedar roof cleaning method that protects this unique material and locks in its quality for the long run.

Our company is certified by the Cedar Cleaner Network, which ensures that your home only receives industry-approved cleaning methods that brings the best care and maintenance to your property. We never walk on your roof, but instead deliver superior quality safely from the ground.

We achieve all the results you should expect from a roof cleaning service—improved longevity, better quality, and unmatched curb appeal. With our certified, insured, and licensed professionals on the job, your roof will receive top grade care.

Every roof cleaning service includes long-term results that:
Extend the life of your roof: With routine roof cleanings, your cedar shake will last its full lifetime. We lock in the quality, durability, and longevity that a well-maintained roof can deliver

Save you money: Why replace a roof in 20 years, when it should last for 35? Our service ensures that you get the most out of your roofing—no premature repairs or replacements necessary.

Protect property value: With regular maintenance, your roof will maintain its market value for the long haul.

Boost curb appeal: A clean, crisp cedar shake roof makes an impact. We make sure that your property gets the most out of its unique roofing feature.

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Cedar Roof Cleaning
Rocky Mount, NC
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