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Your cedar roof can be a decorative asset to your home for decades. That is if it isn’t growing unsightly mold, algae, or moss. Is your home the envy of all those who pass by? Or does it cause your neighbors to cringe when they walk by?

If you find your neighbors cringing when they walk by, we are here to help! Let us help make you the hero of your block by taking your home from unsightly to stunning. Our technicians will remove moss, mold, mildew, fungus, stains, and will brighten your cedar shakes.

Clean Pro Exteriors is certified by the Cedar Cleaner Network, which ensures that you only receive the best care and maintenance to your property. We never walk on your roof, but instead deliver superior quality safely from the ground or on ladders.

The best part of cleaning your cedar roof is extending the life of your shingle, saving you money down the road, and improving your curb appeal. It is a win-win.

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