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Clean Pro Exteriors prioritizes the long-term well being of your roof. Every roof cleaning service includes long-term results that:

Extend the life of your roof: With routine roof cleanings, your shingle will last its full lifetime. We lock in the quality, durability, and longevity that a well-maintained roof can deliver.

Save you money: Why replace a roof in 20 years, when it should last for 35? Our service ensures that you get the most out of your roofing—no premature repairs or replacements necessary.

Protect property value: With regular maintenance, your roof will maintain its market value for the long haul.

Boost curb appeal: A clean roof makes an impact. We make sure that your property gets the most out of its unique roofing feature.

We believe that once you clean a roof, you shouldn’t need any additional preventative maintenance services. Your roof should only be cleaned when it’s in need of a cleaning, not for “preventative purposes.” Companies offer a maintenance service when their cleaning can’t produce the 100% eradication ratio like we can. That’s why we do not offer a maintenance service, but rather we guarantee a “No Grow” clean for 5 years, or we’ll retreat your roof.

Clean Pro “No Grow” Warranties Against:
Clean Pro Exteriors guarantees under the Clean Pro “No Grow” Warranty that your roof will be free of the infestations found on your roof prior to cleaning for up to 60 months from the date of the original cleaning.
Damages Due to Re-Infestations
Clean Pro Exteriors guarantees, under the Clean Pro “No Grow” Warranty, against damages to the roofing system due to the re-growth of infestations during the warranty period.
Damages Due to Cleaning
Clean Pro Exteriors guarantees, under the Clean Pro “No Grow” Warranty, against proven damages to the roofing system due to the workers, equipment or chemicals used during the cleaning.

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Roof Cleaning
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