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We pride ourselves on taking special care of our customers’ property. This extends beyond your deck, patio, or roof.

Through the years, customers have always had two concerns: Will your cleaning solution kill my flowers and will high pressure wash destroy my paint?

We’ve heard many horror stories from home owners of pressure washing companies destroying their plants. Some home owners have even gone all the way to court to have their property restored.

Clean Pro Exteriors has a perfect score when it comes to protecting your surrounding property. Ensure your hard work remains intact and looking beautiful. Our safe, biodegradable cleaners give you a flawless clean on the areas that need it most, while keeping your plants and shrubbery safe.

We also ensure that your paint remains intact with our safe, low pressure cleaning method. We can clean your painted fence, house, barn, or brick without taking off the paint. In fact, when we’re done your surface will look like it just received a fresh coat of paint!

Let us put these and other questions to rest. Contact us for a free estimate!


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