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Did you know that not all roofs are the same? Different roof materials need specialized cleaning approaches. No matter what type of roof you have Clean Pro Exteriors’ processes effectively removes stains, eliminates buildup, and kills bacteria at the root. We bring the best quality cleaners that are customized for your roof.

• Asphalt Roof Cleaning
Limestone granules hold asphalt roofing together. When bacteria like Gloeocapsa Magma, which creates those black stains, infests your roofing, it loosens the granules and compromises the integrity of your roof. We use a soaping agent that solidifies our cleaners and allows it to seep into your shingles to work its magic.

• Slate Roof Cleaning
The natural oils in slate need protection during cleaning. We use a special blend that doesn’t pull the oil content from your roofing, but instead preserves it.

• Metal Roof Cleaning
Traditional cleaners can corrode metal, so we use a special inhibitor that prevents deterioration, protects your roof, and completely restores the surface.

• Tile Roof Cleaning
Our soft wash solution protects the quality of your tiles and prevents mold, mildew, or algae from seeping into the surface or grout. We always clean from the safety of ladders to protect this fine surface.

Clean Pro offers a 5 year No-Grow warranty. Our unique cleaning method prevents mold, moss, and other growth from taking root, and if it does, we’ll come back and clean it!

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