Cedar Roof Cleaning: Nags Head, NC

Did you know that Clean Pro Exteriors not only provides cedar roof cleaning in Tarboro, NC, but also in the beautiful outer banks area of Nags Head.

Clean Pro Exteriors is certified by the Cedar Cleaner Network, which ensures that your home receives industry-approved cleaning methods that bring the best care and maintenance to your property.

Due to high humidity, bacteria, mold, moss, and algae grow on the roofs causing the discoloration. Some of these infestations can actually eat a hole through the shingle, and cause a breakdown in the integrity of the shingle.

You can prevent this from happening to your roof and extend the life of your shingles. Simply have your roof cleaned every 5 to 8 years for a healthy roof.

Here are 5 reasons to have your roof cleaned:

1. To prevent premature roof failure. These infestations can shorten the life of your shingle by 10 or more years. Having your roof cleaned ensures the life expectancy of the shingle.

2. Increase curb appeal. We all know that first impression matters. Whether it is a job interview, or the first time someone sees your home. The first impression will stay with the viewer for years to come. On any house the roof dominates the viewer’s sight lines. You can give a great first impression with a clean roof.

3. Save money in replacement costs. We are all looking for ways to save money, and cleaning your roof is an excellent investment. Let’s say that you put on a brand new roof with a 25 year shingle, for $10,000. For the life of that you roof you clean it on the recommended schedule, and your roof lasts 25 years (the expected length). So now it is time to put on a new roof for $10,000. And you clean it and it lasts 25 years. You have spent a total of $20,000 in 50 years.

Let’s say your neighbor puts on the same roof, but decides that he will take his chances with the elements and doesn’t clean his roof. He also spent $10,000 for a 25 year shingle. But in 15 years he finds that he needs a new roof, so he spends another $10,000 on a roof. And in 15 years that roof also fails, so he spends another $10,000 on a roof. And, again, that roof fails in 15 years, so he spends another $10,000 for a new roof.

In a 45 year period he will have spent $30,000 to replace his roof. While you, who cleaned your roof and maintained it, will spend $20,000 in a 50 year period.

4. Maintain market value of your home. When it is time to sell we want to know that we are getting the best deal for our home. One way to ensure that you are, is to clean your roof. This will enhance curb appeal at showings, but it will also help to get the highest offer for your home. If the buyer finds that the integrity of your roof is in question, this may cause you to accept a lower offer for your home so the buyer can replace the roof.

5. Protect insurance policies. Some insurers are beginning to cancel home owner’s policies due to the condition of the home’s roof. Protect yourself and your home by having the roof cleaned every 5 to 8 years.

There is more good news. Clean Pro offers a No-Grow warranty. Our unique cleaning method prevents mold, moss, and other growth from taking root, and if it does, we’ll come back to Nags Head, NC and clean it!

You save money, have a great looking roof, and don’t have to worry about replacing it until the life of your shingle has reached its life expectancy. It is a win-win.

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